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Easy Chicken Pickin' For Beginners

Chicken Pickin' Lick

Guitar Tricks instructor Mike Olekshy is back with his "Lick of the Day."

This time around, he's showing us a country-flavored "chicken pickin'" lick that's a little tricky, employing a combination of interesting techniques. In classic Mike fashion, he'll break it down so it's nice and easy for beginners to pick up on and become masters of chicken pickin' in no time. 

He'll play this particular lick over a C7 chord, with an easy-to-remember shape as it descends down the fretboard. The foundation of chicken pickin' is a technique called "hybrid picking" so you may want to get comfortable with holding a pick between your thumb and index finger, then leaving your remaining three fingers free to add some plucking to the top string. 

Once you've worked through the video, you'll start to feel and hear the "clucking" sound that's produced by the combination of hybrid picking, and muting of certain notes with the heel of your right hand... hence the term "chicken pickin'"

Check it out below:

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