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Rock Guitar - 3 Chord Songs to Learn Now

rock guitar

Rock guitar started in the 1950's thanks to artists like Elvis and it slowly morphed once artists like The Rolling Stones took it and made it their own. Flash forward to today and there are a myriad of hits and classics. Rock guitar may bring about fantasies of complicated solos and riffs but there are a huge number of 3 chord songs for anyone to play. Let's take a look at 5 songs below. 

The chords listed below are the main chords, or chords that are played the most from their respective songs. If you want to learn the song, make sure to click to the lesson!

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Made Easy)

Chords (from left to right): A - E - D

This song from The Rolling Stones is easily recognizable thanks to its signature riff. In our “made easy” version, we’ve stripped out extra guitar parts leaving only an easy-to-strum version that is perfect for beginners. Learn how to play the song here.


All The Small Things

Chords (from left to right): F5 - G5 - C5

Blink-182’s greatest hit is dominated by only three chords for the majority of the song. The three-piece rock band pioneered an entirely new era of punk rock and is also considered pop punk as well as 'skate punk.' Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus' vocals were a perfect combination of qualities that meshed well with their infectious riffs and licks. Learn how to play the song here.


Blitzkrieg Bop 

Chords (from left to right): A5 - D5 - E5

This is a great to song to learn if you’re looking to use only three chords and you’re also trying to work on your power chords. The Ramones were the pioneers of punk rock and it doesn’t get more punk rock than loud, distorted power chords. Learn how to play the song here.


Heartbreak Hotel 

Chords (from left to right): E7 - A7 - B7

The King of Rock and Roll was a great performer but his musicianship was simple at best. If you’re learning simple chord changes, look no further than Elvis for some easy and fun strumming. Learn the song here.


Bad Moon Rising

Chords (from left to right): D - A - G

Creedence Clearwater Revival has a great number of classic hits and surprisingly it doesn’t take many chords to play some of their most popular songs like this one. Learn the song here.


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