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Guitar Tricks Site Tips and Tricks

Hi there! The GuitarTricks.com website is full of little short cuts you may not be aware of. Here are just a handful of them so you can navigate these lessons with super speed. 


Use your keyboard to scroll through a lesson

If you want to easily scroll forward and backwards while watching a lesson, you can easily do so by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. 

Use the back and forward keys to scroll 10 seconds backwards or forwards. This is especially useful if you want to quickly reference something that just happened in the lesson, or if you misheard something Lisa said and you don’t ever want that! For more tips on using the video player, specifically, go here.

Another tip, if you press “R” on your keyboard, it will toggle on the looping feature. Pretty nifty! 


Type “Help” in the search bar to easily access the help desk! 

If you ever need help, and you’re already logged in, you can click the search button and simply type: “help”. 

This will give you a quick link to the help desk. From there, you can give us a call or send an email, or look at our FAQ. 


Click Guitartricks.com Logo to Go Home

Pretty self-explanatory. The Guitartricks logo at the top left of the page will take you back home, and the home page is simply the best place to be if you’re looking for something new to work on. 


Filtered Search

Let’s say you’re looking for “The Who” and you type that into the search box. On the results page, you can click on the difficulty of any song and that will take you to a filtered search.

You can filter by lesson style, lesson difficulty, and lesson category. Give it a shot! 


Recommended Songs in Guitar Fundamentals 1 and 2

A lot of guitar players learning with Guitar Tricks often ask which songs they should learn to play alongside Lisa and Guitar Fundamentals. There’s an answer for that! 

After you finish Chapter 4 of Guitar Fundamentals I, users will be able to find a Recommended Songs section slotted before Chapter 5 on the Course Page here. 

There are even more songs once you finish Chapter 5. There are also song recommendations on Guitar Fundamentals II.


Songs Master List

Everyone is probably familiar with the Songs page. There are genres at the top you can sort through and more filters if you want to see only the newest lessons, the most popular lessons, etc. 

If you’re interested in seeing a master list of all of the artists and bands we have to offer, you can click on the “View All Artists” button below the Master List, or you can go there right now, by clicking this.

The Artists page shows all of the song lessons on Guitar Tricks sorted by artist or band name, in alphabetical order. 


Use the Toolbox!

A friendly reminder that the Toolbox is full of super useful resources. From the metronome, to the tuner, to a quick link to the chord charts, guitar glossary and chord finders, it’s a great place to go when you’re feeling a little stuck, or need that extra help. 


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