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4 Very Original Must-Play Songs from The Beatles

It was 54 years ago that The Beatles dropped A Hard Day’s Night, which was followed by the film of the same name. It was the very first time the fab four released an album comprised of all original songs. To celebrate, let’s take a look at four must-play original tracks from the mop heads themselves. 

Here Comes The Sun

One of George Harrison’s most famous tracks during his time as a Beatle, “Here Comes The Sun” is a classic that’s played way up on the 7th fret with a capo. The iconic picking pattern is intantly recognizable and is just a riff on a few open chords: D - A - G - E7

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A Hard Day’s Night

It was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, with Lennon doing the majority of the writing on this track. The song’s opening strum has been written about as much as the song itself. The majority of the verse can be played with a simple three chord progression here: G - C - G - F 

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Helter Skelter 

Sometimes cited as a major influence in heavy metal, this was the first time the Liverpool boys really let it rip. There’s a roaring guitar riff from the start, and a thumping bass line along with passionate vocals all backed up by a thrashing Ringo. Every Beatles fan needs this one in their arsenal, and yes, you might get some blisters on ye fingers! The intro itself is a blues style turnaround on an open high E string, then it's followed up with these chords: G5 - E

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One of the most recognizable opening riffs of all-time, “Blackbird” is mostly a McCartney song even though it’s credited to both Lennon and McCartney. Paul played it solo on an acoustic guitar and was inspired, musically, by Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Bourree in E Minor”. There’s a lot of finger work in this one! Try and figure out the fingering to the intro with these chords: G - Am - G/B - G

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