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In this set of lessons we'll learn some essentials in the style of legendary rock guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, starting with a look at his tone. We'll then lay out finger-plucked riffs, blues licks, and minor triad sweeping followed by a play along. Next up is octave riffing, scale sequencing, and 2-string arpeggio pull-offs and a play along; then we'll look at "snake charmer" riffs and licks and phrygian triads, and another play along! His unique blend of rock, classical, and blues through his guitar work catapulted the band to stardom. Blackmore's knack for creating intricate melodies paired with a formidable power on his guitar carved out some of the most enduring riffs in rock history. The hallmark of Blackmore's guitar playing includes his distinct use of the minor harmonic scale, the iconic tone of his signature guitar, and his precise, aggressive picking style. Beyond his prowess as a guitarist, Blackmore's contributions as a songwriter were instrumental in fusing rock with classical music elements, showcasing his vast musical interests and his command over his instrument. His solos, often laden with classical motifs and swift arpeggios, set new standards for guitar playing within the genre. Throughout his projects he delved into a more neoclassical vein, merging hard rock with medieval and baroque music elements. This underscored Blackmore's continuous evolution as a guitarist and composer, producing work that would influence the neo-classical metal and power metal movements significantly. The legacy of Ritchie Blackmore in rock music is profound. His innovative guitar techniques, from his rocking riffs to his progressive guitar sounds, have made a lasting mark on music.

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