Finding the V Chord Notes

Now, let's find the notes of the E7 chord in the A minor pentatonic "box" shape & build a lick to play over the V chord.

The most important, essential concept I am trying to get across in this tutorial is summed up in three words:

Target chord tones.

Notice that I am using the minor pentatonic scale or box shape as a visual reference. This helps us by giving us a familiar shape and physical location on the fretboard of notes to start with when we are looking for notes to use when playing licks and solos in blues.

But the notes I am including in addition to the minor pentatonic box are the chord tones of the chords in the the 12 bar blues, the I, IV and V chords. That is why I included the list of chord tones.

A7 is A (1st) - C# (major 3rd) - E (5th) - G (minor 7th)

D7 is D (1st) - F# (major 3rd) - A (5th) - C (minor 7th)

E7 is E (1st) - G# (major 3rd) - B (5th) - D (minor 7th)

Christopher Schlegel
Instructor Christopher Schlegel
Finding the V Chord Notes song notation

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