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Peggy Sue Got Married

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For Guitar 1, any acoustic guitar is suitable to play along with this tutorial – but one with a brighter tone will help cut through the band mix a bit better.

For Guitar 2, I’m using a Stratocaster, but any electric guitar is suitable. Select the bridge pickup for a tight, clear sound.

A Fender tube amp is the best choice to replicate the electric tone in this tune. Dial in a clean sound with a touch of grit - for example, set the Preamp Gain to 65%, Bass to 50%, Mids to 55%, Treble to 60%, and Presence to 65%.

Add some spring reverb to the electric guitar for a distinct twangy sound.
I’m using regular light gauge strings that are 10-46 along with a heavy pick on the electric, while on the acoustic, I’m using 11-52 gauge with a medium pick.

Fender Deluxe Model:
Drive: 65% Bass: 50% Mid: 55% Treb: 60% Presence: 65%

Spring Reverb:
WetDryMIX: 45%

Lesson Info
Instructor Mike Olekshy
Peggy Sue Got Married