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Speedy Ideas Series 1: Building Speed

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Now we're going to try to play one note per pick. This is the next crucial step in developing speedy ideas. We want to keep playing the scale in a musical sequence of 4s, but we are limiting each note to one pick. Go slow and do a lot of repetition on this exercise until you can gradually work it up to speed. I've seen other methods help students also. Instead of gradually upping the tempo, some teachers have students do fast bursts. Play at a comfortable speed and tempo for a few measures, then play much faster, for example twice as fast, for a short time, for example one measure.

This helps some students, but doesn't work for everyone. It definitely won't help if you don't already have your tremolo picking under control to some degree. And it won't help if you don't have the scale patterns or sequences memorized in order to be second nature. But it might be worth trying in your practice routine! For example, at the end of a practice session, after a good amount of time practicing properly (for example after practicing this technique for 30 minutes) then you can afford the luxury of "going for it". Try to play as fast as you can! That will give you an idea of how much you may have recently improved

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Speedy Ideas Series 1: Building Speed