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Speedy Ideas Series 1: Building Speed

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It is important to realize that playing fast, or "shredding", should not be merely a flailing, spastic, haphazard jumble of notes or "stuff" you play as fast as you can. It should be a musical idea; just played faster than usual. With that in mind we'll start on the high A and visualize 3 notes per position in order to create musical sequences with the scale and the tremolo picking technique. We'll play each position of 3 notes down, then switch to the lower position. This gives us 4 notes to work with. We play each note 4 times, that gives us a full measure of 1/16th notes.

First we'll start with connecting each adjacent pattern, then we'll work toward connecting all of them down to cover a complete octave. So, play groups of 3 note patterns, then shift down for the 4th note. Then start at the next note down and repeat the process by playing down the scale three notes and shift again. This results in a descending pattern of 4 notes. Finally work your way down to the G-sharp (a little harmonic minor at the end to give it some harmonic voice-leading flair!) and end on the A an octave lower than where you started. Next work your way back up the scale one position at a time until you arrive an octave higher where we started.

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Speedy Ideas Series 1: Building Speed