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Ear Training For Intervals

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In this tutorial I'm going to show you some ear training exercises to build your aural skills Aural skills are how musicians identify the sound of musical intervals, scale degrees, scales, melodies, chords, chord progressions and rhythms. It's the process of putting music theory into practice. You listen to a piece of music or a musical element and mentally identify and categorize it. It's an invaluable skill. It's how some people are able to listen to a melody, chord progression or whole song and understand how it's played or what notes or chords it consists of.

So, in this tutorial I want to introduce you to the concept of ear training with the hope that you can start to work on and acquire these skills for your use. It will definitely improve your ability to play guitar, your overall musicianship and even your ability to appreciate music by increasing your understanding of how it works.

I strongly encourage you to work through my tutorials on major scale harmony and minor scale harmony. It will help provide you with the knowledge we're going to expand on in this tutorial.

Major Scale Harmony
Minor Scale Harmony

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Ear Training For Intervals