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Traditional Practice Tune

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It does happen that you hear an instrumental section after the first chorus, but most often it happens after every section has been repeated at least once. In this practice tune we'll do just that by repeating the verse and the chorus and then going to a solo over the verse progression. We all have our go-to licks and sounds that we draw from when we solo, and that's great. No one is ever expected to improvise something completely different every time.

That being said, in my opinion, what separates the good guitar players from the great is having the ability to make the solo unique to the song. And this doesn't have to be complicated. It just means to look for little tricks you can use to make your solo gesture to other elements in the song. This could be a riff, a melody from the vocal, and certain mood or anything you can pick up that shows the listener that you know what song you're soloing over and you can adapt your style to fit it.

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Traditional Practice Tune