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Traditional Practice Tune

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Now we've reached the last chapter of the 2nd level of the country course, and it's time to start zooming out a little bit and looking up from the fretboard. It's always great to acquire new skills, and we'll keep on adding tricks and tools to your arsenal, but it's also important to start using all of these skills in a context that more resembles a real-life playing situation.

So in this chapter we'll break down 4 practice tunes that all have slightly different vibes, but all fit neatly under the umbrella of country. For each of these practice tunes there'll be an acoustic guitar part, similar to what a rhythm guitar player or a singer might play as basic accompaniment. Then we'll assume the role of lead guitar player and come up with a cool and appropriate electric rhythm part for each section and take turns soloing over the middle section using select tools and sounds. Let's get started!

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Traditional Practice Tune