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As always before we start digging into all the playing, let's briefly talk about the gear and tools that I'll be using for the examples. In the previous tutorial I used my “jazz box” with the warm and jazzy sound. Now I'm going to switch back to my Telecaster, so you can hear what the Travis Picking sounds like on that as well. This will be a little more rockin', with a brighter tone and as well as an overall more “snappy” feel. I'll still be on the bridge pickup going straight into a modeled version of a small Fender amp with a tiny bit of reverb added and a little bit of extra treble boosted.

I'll be using a thumb pick for the examples, but as always you can use your fingers or a regular flat pick as well if you just remember to use your 3rd and 4th finger for everything that I'm doing with my 2nd and 3rd finger. Other than that it's the same.

One cool thing that I will be doing is using a “slap back delay” for some of the examples. Slap back delay does not have to be in rhythm with the music, but for these examples it will be. I'm using an old beat up Ibanez delay pedal, and I have the mix set to 12'o clock, the feedback turned all the way down (so I only get one repeat), and the delay set to match the 16th notes of the backing tracks.

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