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Advanced Melody Lines

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You already know how to use the most basic walk up's and walk down's, but in this lesson we'll explore some more advanced alternatives. In level 1 we explored some basic walk-up's from the V-chord to the I-chord and from the I-chord to the IV-chord.

We also flipped them around so you'd walk down instead of up, but using those same notes. From the I-chord to the V-chord and from the IV-chord to the I-chord.

Those versions are very classic and you can use them all night long, but there are some other cool alternatives that I'm going to show you now.

First one is going from the root note of a I-chord and up two half steps to the 5 of a V-chord. Let's say C is our I-chord. Then we'll have the basic 1-5 pattern and we'd traditionally walk down to our V-chord (G).

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Advanced Melody Lines