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The Kids Aren't Alright

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Mike will show you the 2 electric guitar layers in this song. Guitar 1 plays rhythm riffs with a high gain tone. Guitar 2 plays a mix of power chords, a clean melodic hook, and high gain leads.

The tune starts with Guitar 1 playing a driving diad riff in a minor key using plenty of syncopated pumping 8th notes. The band kicks in and Guitar 2 adds a melodic hook with a cleaner tone.

The verse plays chugging power chords that explode into full bore strums in the chorus. There’s also a solo section that combines a clean single note line and some blazing high gain licks.

In the following lessons, we’ll talk about power chords, palm muting, syncopated rhythms, and bombastic lead approaches. We are in the key of Bb minor, with a 4/4 time signature, at a tempo of 196 BPM.

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
The Kids Aren't Alright