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Mike will show you the 2 electric guitar layers. Guitar 1 is an acoustic guitar that drives the tune. Guitar 2 is a clean electric guitar that plays a melodic lead and some simple strums in the outro.

The tune starts with the acoustic playing in free time a series of harmonics, single note lines, and arpeggios. The verse groove kicks in with an adventurous chord progression tackled with steady strums and some arpeggiation. The chorus changes the progression then takes a dramatic turn with a rich extended chord that leaves you hanging until the groove returns.

There’s also a clean electric solo section, and a lengthy synth solo to end off the tune.

In the following lessons, we’ll talk about harmonics, arpeggiation, extended chords, and some melodic lead approaches. We are in the key of A minor, with a 4/4 time signature, at a tempo of 130 BPM.

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
From The Beginning