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Improvisation in a Minor Key Series 2

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This tutorial teaches more of the concepts necessary to know and use in order to improvise a single note melody, lead or solo over a minor key chord progression. If you are a beginner to the idea of improvising, then you should start by working through these earlier tutorials that provide a lot of basic material needed to understand this current tutorial.

Introduction to Improvisation For Beginners

Improvisation in a Major Key

Improvisation in a Minor Key

Improvisation in a Major Key Series 2

This tutorial expands on these concepts: key signature as the scale that relates all chords in a progression, rhythmically targeting chord tones, building melodies and musical phrases from the scale and chord tones as a basis for improvising over the chord progression.

In this tutorial we'll look at identifying key signature as the minor scale all (or most) of the notes in the song belong to (or the melody, riff, section of the song). Then we'll take that scale and use it to target chord tones. We'll learn to make phrases, statements and melodies from those basic materials so our improvisation sounds musical. We'll also practice alternating between playing the chord progression and the lead melody.

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Improvisation in a Minor Key Series 2