Fun With Open Strings

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In this channel episode Anders will show you how to play some neat licks combining open and fretted notes. By using the pentatonic scale you can make use of the open strings in the key of E minor.

The tip of the week is to learn to change your guitar strings! It's a handy Do-It-Yourself skill any guitarist should have. GT even has a tutorial on how to learn to do it.

Changing Strings & Basic Maintenance

This week's lesson is how to combining open and fretted notes using the pentatonic scale to make some neat sounding licks!

If you like this lesson, then GT has more that cover ideas on how to use open strings and pentatonic licks!

E Blues Rhythm & Lead: Series 1

E Blues Rhythm & Lead: Series 2

12 Bar Blues in E for Beginners!

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Fun With Open Strings song notation

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