Open Tunings Made Easy – Open G/A

Hey there and welcome to the Guitar Tricks Channel. My name is Anders and I'll be your host today. Before we get started, make sure you hit the subscribe button so you don't miss any of our future lessons. First let me start you off with a tip of the week:

My tip this week is to us to use a headstock tuner. Headstock tunes come in all brands, shapes and sizes and they're highly affordable. I don't recommend them for live use, but they're perfect for any guitar you keep in your home, since they can just live on your headstock.

In this lesson we're gonna continue to demystify the concept of open tunings. Once again, the concept is to figure what is easy to play in each of the open tunings. That's what they were made for- not to adapt everything you already know in standard tuning. This applies to any open tuning, but in this lesson I'll show how it works with open G-tuning. This is the same as the open A-tuning, only down a whole step.

I hope you're excited to learn more about open tunings on your own. If you liked this lesson, then GT has other lessons on how to use open tunings!

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Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Open Tunings Made Easy – Open G/A song notation