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Waiting For A Train

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Caren will show you this easy song that uses 4 basic chord shapes in the key of C Major and a capo on the first fret. Good left hand form is required to make the right hand sound good! For the beginner, this will be a great opportunity to work on chords in the key of C major, including F and G7. Caren will show you how to connect these chords to make the left hand part more playable.

We'll learn the most basic right hand possible for this type of tune, called the boom chuck (or chick, depending on your musical background). Once we've covered the basics Caren will give you the opportunity to challenge your right hand with a more advanced version of the boom chuck strum, which will really blend in beautifully with the loping, clickity clack feel of this song.

We'll will also venture briefly into the music theory world to explain the use of a chord relationship called the V of V, a harmonic device common to this and many other genres of music. Training your ear to hear these relationships will make you a much better musician!

While we're in the theory universe we'll also take a look at "cadences", how and why they are used to "direct harmonic traffic" in the context of our song.

The song has a very convenient FORM:


The larger form, intro and 3 verses with slightly differing cadences, is exactly repeated for the 2nd half of the song. Whether you are a beginner, or a more advanced student, there is good work for you here in this sweet old tune about a man who has not got the fare to ride the train.

"Waiting For a Train" is in the key of C major (capo 1st fret C major chord shapes), in 4/4 time and at a tempo of 115 BPM.

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Waiting For A Train