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George Thorogood gear and style are very unique to himself. He is known to plug in semi-hollowbody Gibson electric guitars equipped with P90 pickups into cranked up Fender amplifiers for his tone. Another hallmark of his style is that he uses his fingers with a thumbpick.

That said, I’m using a Les Paul guitar for this tutorial (along with a regular pick), as his tone and vibe can be approximated by using humbucker pickups and the correct amp settings.

As far as amps go, any Fender style tube amp cranked up for an overdriven sound is a desirable choice. Set the Drive to 75%, Bass to 45%, Mid to 95%, Treble to 55%, and Presence to 60%. Note the accentuated midrange that is a hallmark of his biting, snarling sound!

I used a 10-46 string gage, with a heavy pick so I can dig into those leads. Add some reverb for depth.

Here are the settings I used:

Fender Princeton Model:
Drive: 75% Bass: 45% Mid: 95% Treb: 55% Presence: 60%
Spring Reverb:
WetDryMIX: 40%

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
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