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She Moves Me

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Any acoustic guitar is suitable to play this tune, but one with a pickup or electronic output will be more authentic so you can plug it into an amp. You could even use an electric guitar if you wish. A slide is required to play some of the licks in this song.

As far as amps go, any small Fender style tube combo amplifier is a perfect choice. Set the amp for a clean sound with a touch of grit for a raw sound. Set the Drive to 50%, Bass to 45%, Mid to 55%, Treble to 60%, and Presence to 65%.

Here are the settings I used:

Fender Deluxe Model:

Drive: 50% Bass: 45% Mid: 55% Treb: 60% Presence: 65%

Lesson Info
Instructor Mike Olekshy
She Moves Me