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The Motorcycle Song

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Today will be learning the humorous "Motorcycle Song" by the inimitable Arlo Guthrie. We will be playing in "Drop D" tuning for this song! If you have never done this before don't worry I will instruct you how to get there, and what to do once you've arrived.

We start off fingerpicking the chorus using a groove that is a cross between country and blues style. For the verse we evolve into a strong boom chuck feel. In addition we'll learn a cool little riff to help us transition from the chorus to the verse!

This is a fun easy song to play and gives us the opportunity to combine two different right hand techniques, and venture into the world of "Drop D" playing.

Everything we learn today will be in service to the vocal, and grooving with the band. We’ll be playing in 4/4 time, at 160 BPM in the key of G major.

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The Motorcycle Song