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First we are going to learn the intro to our song. This guitar melody sets the tone for the rest of the track.

Our chords, in our open tuning, are E, A, and B. E being the one, A being the four, and B being the five. Our intro is five bars long.

We start off on the & of 4 of the measure before, playing a pick up on the 1 chord before launching into the melody. Our intro part is played pretty loose with the entire melody playing off of 1 chord, which is E.

After the first three measures, we then have a quick measure of 2/4 before the bass comes in for one additional measure before the verse starts. We will continue strumming on the E chord with our main motif. While played a little differently from the rest of the song, you will continue this style of strumming and melodic playing throughout the entire song.

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