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Using Triads

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Being able to understand and use chord theory depends up grasping the concept of the triad. In this tutorial we'll have a look at that fundamentally important unit so you will have a better grasp on what triads are and how to use them.

In music theory the word triad refers to a group of three specific notes from a scale that form a chord. There are four basic types of triads in music. In this tutorial series we will take an introductory look at each of them. We will look at what they are, how to visualize them and how to play them!

It is important to realize that we can play the three notes that form a triad in any given shape that isolates those three notes. We can play them linearly, all on one string. We can play them on two strings, one note of the on one string and the other two notes on another string. Or we can play them all three on different, separate strings.

We can even play them in totally different areas of the fretboard, on non-adjacent strings. For the purposes of this introductory look at triads, however, we will keep things as simple as possible. We will only focus on the four basic types of triads, always start on the first scale degree and play triad shapes that are on one, two or three adjacent strings.

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Using Triads