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At Last

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Hi there, this is Sharon Aguilar with Guitar Tricks, and today I'm going to teach you how to play "At Last" as made famous by Etta James. This beautiful ballad is her signature song and one of the most iconic love songs ever done. It's heartfelt vocals, and sweeping orchestration make it a favorite at weddings and wedding receptions.

We are going to break down the song in detail, the chords that are used, how to count and feel 12/8 time, and the best gear to get the tone for the mood of this song.

The song is in the key of F major, at approximately 58 BPM, in 4/4 time for the insurance outro, and 12/8 time in all of the other sections.

As far as gear goes, we don't have to be very specific - any clean amp with some reverb and an electric guitar can work. To sound authentic to the era in which this song was written, I'm using a VibroVerb amp set with the drive at 5, bass at 6, mid at 5 1/2, treble at 6. I'm using a reverb pedal with a "medium hall" sound, that is 19% in the mix. I am using the neck position in my electric guitar.

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At Last