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Burning Love

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Hey there, this is Sharon Aguilar with Guitar Tricks and today I'm going to teach you how to play "Burning Love", as made famous by Elvis Presley. This rock song was written by Dennis Linde, and was actually first recorded as a country soul song by Arthur Alexander.

Lots of rock classics were influenced are taken directly from other genres like country, soul, blues and R&B. This was Elvis's last top 10 hit in the American hot 100 or pop charts. In the later years of Elvis's life, most of his songs were ballads, this was the last real rock song of his life.

In this tutorial I am going to take you through all of the chords, rhythm, the gear that it takes to get the tone, and explain the change to relative minor.

This song it is in the key of D major, in 4/4 time, and 142 BPM.

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Burning Love