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Keep On Truckin'

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If you already have some Travis picking under your belt, check out a few more ways to tweak up "Keep On Trucking". Know that all of the moves we have learned in this tutorial translate into the rest of your playing. Take your new picking chops out and use them in other songs you might already have in your repertoire.

-Bars 1-4 add G note to top of C chord, add Travis variation to A7 chord
-Bars 5-8 add high pinch to G
-Bars 9-12 add finger picking option and a variation on the F#dim chord
-Bars 13-16 add final variation to A7 chord by moving up neck, diff chord, same pick

We'll take a careful look at these variations, and then take a slow, guided play through of the entire 16 bars.

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Keep On Truckin'