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Keep On Truckin'

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Now that we have the basic flow of the chord progression combined with the pick pattern, we can actually start to hear the song emerge. Next let's work on a few variations to make our song a bit more interesting.

We introduce the concept of "pinching" two strings at the same time, playing both a bass and a treble string together on the same beat. Since our rotating bass constantly outlines the down beats, your pinch will ALWAYS be on one of them.

Again, I will demonstrate slowly in 4 bar increments:
-Bars 1-4 add bass walk from C down to A7, add bass for turn around
-Bars 5-8 add hammer on for the D7/F#
-Bars 9-12 add syncopated kicks (counting is important here!)
-Bars 13-16 same as bars 1-4, add bass turnaround

We'll take a careful look at these variations, and then take a slow, guided play through of the entire 16 bars.

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Keep On Truckin'