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Keep On Truckin'

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Here's the chord progression for "Keep on Truckin'":

||: C | A7 | D7/F# G | C || C | A7 | D7 | G || C | C7 | F | F#dim || C | A7 | D7/F# G | C :||

The form for this song is easy, one verse, played nine times! So the intro, the verses, the solo, are all the same set of chords. I will teach you this classic 16 bar chord progression, working in 4 bar increments. There are 4 lines of chords, each 4 bars long. Typical to a form like this, the first and fourth 4 bar phrases are harmonically identical. After we take a look at the chords, we'll take a slow beginner play through, with a very basic right hand, focusing on the chords.

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Keep On Truckin'