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Surfer Girl

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What's up everyone! This is Henrik for Guitar Tricks, and today we're going to learn how to play "Surfer Girl", as made famous by the Beach Boys. The song is a perfect example of Brian Wilson's genius songwriting and today will be a study in chord changes.

The song will start out with an intro where guitar 1 is handling some steady rhythm playing while guitar 2 outlines a really nice single note melody. As we move on to the verse guitar 2 will drop out and we focus on some new chord changes with guitar 1.

Once we hit the bridge, guitar one will abandon the steady rhythm playing and play some longer held out chords and guitar 2 will go into a really interesting arpeggiated part.

After the bridge we're going to modulate from the key of D major to Eb major , where we'll stay for the rest of the song. Guitar 1 will be focusing on the steady rhythm playing and some really interesting chord changes (which there's a lot of in this song so your left hand will get a work out).

Guitar 2 holds a more single-note role in this song, as well as some really nicely palm muted arpeggios in the bridge and held out chords in the outro.

The song is in the key of D major, a 12/8 time signature, at a tempo of 71 bpm. Lots of chord work to get to today, but before we dig in I'm going to take a moment to talk about the guitar tones for this song.

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Instructor Henrik Linde
Surfer Girl