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16 Bar Blues

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This time we'll use different chord voicings for the main part of the progression. We'll also use some different chords for the turnaround to make it sound a little more jazzy. We'll use an E7#9 as a V of VI to approach the next chord, which is A7b13. Then we use that A7b13 as a V of II to approach the D7#9. We use that D7#9 as a V of V to approach the Gb13. And that gets us to our V chord! So it's a jazzy circle of fifths type of progression.

We'll also use a pedal point turnaround idea that will lead to a G augmented chord to use as our final V chord before we start the whole 16 bar form over again!

Again, take your time with these chords if you haven't seen them before! Make sure you can play them cleanly and smoothly.

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16 Bar Blues