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I Don't Care

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to play "I Don't Care" as made famous by Fall Out Boy. This pop rock anthem features equal doses of swing and heaviness to make this song both fun and easy to play. There are two guitar players in the band, so we will be using two different guitars throughout the song. While each guitar is playing similar parts, there are times when they switch off and play some cool harmonies and guitar solos.

The tone for this song is a Dual Rectifier style distortion with plenty of gain and with your pickup switch in the bridge position. I am using two different guitars, even though the sounds are similar to help make the guitars sound distinct. You will also need a slight quarter triplet delay during the guitar solo at the end.

The song is in F# minor, in 4/4 time, and a tempo of 134 bpm. I'm going to break down this song section by section, letting you hear each part up to speed and slowed down.

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I Don't Care