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At a first glance this is just a great pop rock song, but if you pay attention, you soon realize there are some really cool guitars featured here.

The main guitar is a very rhythmic and jammy acoustic guitar that does a lot of cool riffs and lays down the core of the song. This guitar is also tuned to open G tuning which makes for some really cool inversions of the chords in the progression.

We're also gonna check out a nicely overdriven electric guitar that comes in for the bigger parts of the song and helps add some grit to the mostly acoustic jam.

There's also a really cool solo that approaches the progression in a very melodic sense rather than just lining up licks, a really cool solo to study!

So all in all we'll be looking into three different guitars, but they end up doing a couple of different things depending on what section of the song is being played.

This song is in a time signature of 4/4 throughout, and is at a tempo of 80 bpm.

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Instructor Henrik Linde