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Right Here, Right Now

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Today we're gonna check out "Right Here, Right Now" as made famous by Jesus Jones back in the 1990's.

We're gonna look at three different guitar parts and a great solo.

The main part of the song is actually two guitars split up to create some really interesting harmonies and we're gonna check out how they voiced these two parts so that they don't clash with one another.

The chorus has some big open rock chords with some nice thick distortion but then goes back to the main riff for the line that's the hook of the song.

The solo is in drop D tuning and screams early 90's. It has a lot of cool licks and starts with a huge dive-bomb on the whammy bar, so be sure to put lots of attitude in this one!

For the tones you want to dial in a clean for one of the main guitars and the other slightly over driven and some pretty juicy Marshall gain for the chorus and solo.

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Instructor Henrik Linde
Right Here, Right Now