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Father And Son

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In this song tutorial we will be learning "Father and Son" as made famous by Cat Stevens. This acoustic track features something for all players, and has a wealth of cool chords, rhythms, solo licks, and chord embellishments you can use in your guitar playing and songwriting.

The song is a conversational piece between a father and son, so there isn't a chorus or verse necessarily. We're going to break the lessons into sections regarding the lyrical content, and take a look at how to approach the chords, and solo licks heard in this classic folk track.

Both guitar parts heard in this song are played on acoustic guitar, and are in the key of G. The tempo is 67 bpm, and the time signature is 4/4 with a few bars of 5/4 and 3/4. You will hear a few odd bars in this song so make sure to follow the vocals, and you will hear why these parts work.

To get the guitar tone heard in the track that you use a "thin" or "medium" guitar pick to get the strumming tone heard in the song. I am going to break down each section for you chord by chord, and than we are going to look at the guitar solo and some of the lead guitar licks heard throughout the song. I'm also going to show you how to embellish on the chords being played along with how you can approach soloing over this song on your own.

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Father And Son