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Essential Shred Licks

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I here present to you what I consider to be essential shred licks. These are licks and patterns that you can incorporate in your playing and apply to all the scales you know.

Shredders you should study:

    - Paul Gilbert

    - Zakk Wylde

    - Eddie Van Halen

    - Jason Becker

    - Rusty Cooley

    - Guthrie Govan

    - Steve Vai

    - John Petrucci

    - Joe Satriani

    - Eric Johnson

    - Randy Rhoads

    - Tony Iommi

    - Frank Gambale

Recommended prerequisites for this tutorial:

    - Knowledge of three-note-per string scales

    - Pentatonic scales in different positions

    - Proficiency with alternate picking

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Instructor Ben Lindholm
Essential Shred Licks