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Middle of the Road

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A drum intro leads into one of 2 main riffs in the song, featuring some barre chording using the dropped-D tuning. This is a simple riff but when played with some attitude and intensity, it really sets the amped up, defiant mood of the tune.

Once you get the fingering down, simply slide the shape around the neck to hit your A, G, and open E chords. Rhythm-wise, notice the chords hit on the 2, 3, and the and-of-4.

You'll discover that in the intro, the band launches into the verse riff after only 1 bar of the E chord. For all subsequent occurrences of the riff, the band will hold on this E chord for 2 bars, putting emphasis on the end of the choruses and creating a bit more tension before hitting the next section.

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
Middle of the Road