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Middle of the Road

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In these song lessons we'll be teaching you the 80s hit "Middle Of The Road" as made famous by the Pretenders. This is a classic, melodic track that combines elements of power pop, hard rock, and even punk rock. It has some really fun guitar parts including a fiery, in your face, raw and gritty guitar solo.

This song is in 4/4 time signature at 166 BPM. In these lessons, we'll talk about dropped-D barre chord shapes, single note riffs utilizing open strings, cool rhythmic variations and syncopations, triads and double stops, and plenty of killer rock licks.

This song is all about the energy- it's a defiant, rebellious shout-out against the dangers of growing soft in middle age. The searing harmonica solo by Chrissy Hynde herself opens with profound abandon, her throaty growl speaking volumes.

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Instructor Mike Olekshy
Middle of the Road