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Advanced Sweep Picking I

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Now we're going to go over another way to extend an arpeggio, this time using the right hand. This is called a "sweep tap", because first we sweep, and then we tap the top note with our right hand, similar to conventional two-handed tapping.

Note in the right hand, that I tend to cross the strings diagonally, so that my right hand is closer to the top of the neck. This is so it doesn't have to move so far in order to tap the note.

Unlike the slide, because we're using our right hand, we have more range. Again, we're staying within our harmonic boundaries of A minor, and we can tap any of those notes. Like the slide, it sounds cool if you start at the top, either with the tap or leading up to it, and especially if you combine it with the pull offs at the bottom.

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Instructor Eric Barnett
Advanced Sweep Picking I