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Advanced Sweep Picking I

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In Intro to Sweep Picking, we worked on two 5-string sweep shapes: A Minor and A Major. The first thing we're going to learn how to do is how to extend the shapes, both above and below. We'll start with above; what's happening here is that when we get to the top of the sweep, we are going to slide up a half step, and then back down, when we do the upstroke at the top of the shape.

One thing that's important is that when we do that, we match the tonality of the arpeggio. This is an A minor arpeggio, so we want to make sure we stay within the notes of the A minor scale. If you are ambitious, you can slide up to a note farther away from the top, as long as you stay in key. And what can be really sound cool is if you start with the slide at the top of the arpeggio.

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Instructor Eric Barnett
Advanced Sweep Picking I