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Advanced Sweep Picking I

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Welcome to Advanced Sweep Picking I. If you're new to sweep picking, I'd like to suggest you take a minute to review my prior lesson, Introduction to Sweep Picking. This lesson picks up where that lesson leaves off, and focuses primary on techniques and ways to utilize and embellish the arpeggio shapes we learned in the Introduction lesson.

As is the case with all things mechanically related to sweep picking, the most important aspect to focus on is timing and accuracy. As cool as sweeps can sound played really fast, it's when you hear the definition in every note that sweeps sound both the most impressive and the most musical. If you have a metronome, this can be a great tool for practicing, starting slowly and working up to tempo, only at the speed you can play cleanly. It may seem like an investment, but the rewards are well worth it.

In the final tutorial of the series, Advanced Sweep Picking II, we'll work on different shapes, and how to apply Sweeping within the context of soloing - both harmonically, and combining it with other techniques.

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Instructor Eric Barnett
Advanced Sweep Picking I