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Mama Tried

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I'm going to show you the great country standard "Mama Tried" as made famous by Merle Haggard. Any Guitarist can have this called on a gig at anytime, and will be expected to know the parts. Since it is a standard, you should know all the parts exactly. It's cool to have a twist on signature licks, but you can't twist something you don't know.

If you play this song on a cover gig, even the crowd will expect the signature licks. That's how much this song has endeared itself to country music fans worldwide. They even issue the tab at Local 257, the musician's union in Nashville Tennessee.

First I'll show you how to play the verse, and then the chorus with a boom chick while you sing along. Then I'll cover the two part intro, starting with the roll combination that was played on the dobro. Next I'll show you the bookend licks played on the telecaster, and finally the trademark Roy Nichols solo. After talking about tone, I'll move on to the fills played on the dobro throughout the song. Then I'll play along on the acoustic, and the electric with our custom backing track. I'm gonna try as hard as Mama did to teach you this, and I hope you'll listen so you don't end up writing prison songs.

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Instructor J.D. Jarrell
Mama Tried