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Closing Time

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In this song tutorial we'll be checking out the Semisonics smash hit, "Closing Time".

We'll look at some interesting dynamics, rhythms, and melodic phrasing that are inspired by the alternative guitar playing of the early 90s.

Once you get the parts down this is a great song to practice your rhythm playing to, so try to really get all the synchopations and rhythmic patterns exactly right and remember to always pay attention to the dynamics of the song.

We'll also be looking at how they blended different voicings of the same chords to make them sound really big and really rocking.

Another thing you want to make sure is that you dial in the right tone for this song, a big, beautiful, and crackley tube amp distortion.

Also, if you pay attention, there are lots of tips and tricks on how to get the most mileage out of your own favorite riffs and progressions.

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Instructor Henrik Linde
Closing Time