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Introduction to Dominant 7th Chords

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In this lesson we practice the A7, D7 & E7 chords. We'll use a backing track to practice switching between the chords in order to measure our progress & make sure we have a goal to work toward. It also makes practice a lot more fun. It's like playing music with a band!

This particular backing track is a simple audio recording of a bass and drums playing the same thing over and again. The chord progression is:

A7 for 2 measures

D7 for 2 measures

A7 for 2 measures

E7 for 2 measures


We'll start by playing each chord once per measure and hold it for a whole note (all 4 beats of the measure). The second time through the form we'll switch to using our alternate voicings for the A7 and E7. For the final 2 times through the form we'll play each chord twice per measure.

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Introduction to Dominant 7th Chords