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Prebending Strings: Using This Trick in Licks

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I think this last lick is just too cool, stole this one from James Burton.

I'm still prebending, but this time I'm back on the 3rd string. If you're not familiar with prebending, check out Prebending Strings

In this last lick I'm pulling up with my middle finger on the 1st, and also the prebent 3rd string. The last note is the only one I play with the pick, after releasing the bend. You can probably use a flat pick to do this, but it may not be as easy to do that way.

The last part of this lesson is putting all of these licks together. After you get used to playing them, try moving the positions up 2 frets to play them in B.

I'm still using a compressor, reverb, and delay.

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Instructor J.D. Jarrell
Prebending Strings: Using This Trick in Licks