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Living After Midnight

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"Living After Midnight" is a metal classic from the early 80's that is considered, along with many tracks off of the same record, to be the beginning of Heavy Metal. In this tutorial, we are going to break down how to play this metal classic into a series of video lessons. Here is how the tutorial will break down;

Heavy or Happy Metal?

- This will serve as our introduction to the song along with some background information. We will also talk about the guitar tone used along with what players of any level can obtain from this classic anthem.

Box Full of Power

- In this lesson, we will cover how to play the main chord progression used in "Living After Midnight." We will teach this by way of using a very common box shape that is used in many rock and metal songs.

Rollin' Through the Changes

- This lesson will break down how to play the chords and rhythms used in the verses and bridge of the song.

The Guitar Solo

- In this video, we will take a look at all the techniques used in the guitar solo of the song. This solo is a great example of many common techniques, and to bring it all together I will play it slowly for you with a metronome as well.

Are You Ready?

- Finally, in our last lesson we will do a full play along with a backing track so you can see and hear how all of our parts fit together.

Let's get Rollin'!!!!!

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Living After Midnight