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Country Strummers' Jamboree

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In this series of lessons, we'll work on several song projects using the strumming skills we've covered in previous lessons. These song projects will also incorporate alternating bass and bass run techniques.

These lessons assume you are comfortable with those techniques, and able to push the edge a little bit by adding some new details here and there.

There will not be a lot of instruction and explaining in this section. Each Song Project has a "Tricks of the Trade" lesson in which I talk you through the arrangement. Then you'll be set up to play the song with the band.

Song Projects are generally longer and a bit more involved than regular playalong lessons. These songs are meant for you to master, as a way of solidifying your skills. This means you should try to learn to play them to the point where you could play them independently, without shortcuts or mistakes.

If you can do that, you're a solid guitar strummer!

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Country Strummers' Jamboree