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Practicing Major Triads & Inversions Series 3

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Listen for the 1-2-3-4 count in click of the high-hat cymbals. That will tell you when to start and the tempo (how fast you can expect the pace of the music to be).

Again, this backing track is a simple audio recording of a bass and drums playing the same thing over and again. The bass plays the root notes of the chords we are practicing: A, D, A and E. The bass plays even 1/8th notes walking from chord to chord using notes of the A major scale. Each chord gets two measures, making a total of 8 measures then repeating.

  • A major for 2 measures

  • D major for 2 measures

  • A major for 2 measures

  • E major for 2 measures

  • Repeat!

    ||: A | A | D | D | A | A | E | E :||

    The bass and drums outline a simple back beat pop-rock rhythm with a cymbal crash to mark the chord changes.

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    Practicing Major Triads & Inversions Series 3