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Minor Triads & Inversions

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Now that you've been introduced to major triads and their inversions, we are going to shift our attention to the concept of minor triads and their inversions. Again, a triad is a chord using 3 notes to create one overall sound. The variation in shapes that we use to play these triads is called an inversion. No matter what the shape, these chords all include the same notes and will create the same quality of sound. Shifting from major to minor, the only difference between minor and the major triads we learned in Chapter 1 is the lowering of one note a half step (or one fret down the neck of the guitar.) We will again use the triads you are already playing in the chords D minor, A minor, and E minor, while also using the string grouping concept. Following each demonstration will be more examples of triads used in a rock guitar rhythm style.

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Minor Triads & Inversions